Speech Of President

“I believe that “no execution, no life,therefore, we implement the militarized management inside the Jinggong Company. 
I believe in science, relying on scientific and technological progress, and keep on exploring and innovating. Jinggong has purchased the industry's most sophisticated and most advanced development, production, testing equipments; equipped with high-quality, high-level technical professionals.
I believe in people's creativity, Jinggong always adheres to the “people-oriented” in order to attract talents broadly with a variety of ideas.

I believe that the quality is the soul of products, “high-quality, low-cost, overbalanced service” is the persistent pursuit of Jinggongpeople, to occupy the market with high-quality and build Jinggong Company to a modern enterprise with its own global brand and competitive strength.
As years passing by, Jinggongpeople keep on moving with a strong, solid and stable pace.
Today we recall the past and reflect the present from a new height. 
Jinggong people have an insurged passion and a soared fighting spirit. 
Brilliance always belongs to the history, dreams are in front of us. 
The hope is coming nearer and nearer, but we can’t be too pride. 
Jinggong people wish to have good cooperation with you, to keep pace with the time, to work together and achive mutual development. 
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